How do I cancel my subscription?


Canceling a subscription will stop the next billing renewal from taking place (it does not generate a refund).  Please cancel 24 hours before your renewal date to avoid being charged. 

*If you wish to delete a free Mathway account then please contact our customer support team


Purchased in iOS/Android mobile app*

For more information on cancelling iTunes subscriptions, please click here.

For more information on cancelling Google Play subscriptions, please click here.

 *Subscription purchased through the mobile app must be cancelled through the app store on the mobile device.


Purchased through website (

To cancel your subscription purchased through the Mathway website, tap the   icon (on website) or tap the  icon (in app), select 'Account' > the Billing section, and select Cancel Subscription.


'Cancel subscription' not available in your settings

If you've followed the directions above and the option to cancel isn't available then you might need to try another email address.  Did you purchase the subscription using a different email?  You can only cancel the subscription if signed in using the correct email address.  

To determine the source of your subscription please look at the most recent charge:

"Mathway" - indicates a purchase through the website

"Google *Mathway" - indicates a purchase through the mobile app via Google Play. (To cancel, see above)

"Mathway - iTunes" - indicates a purchase through the mobile app via iTunes.  (To cancel, see above)




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